We don't just offer a list of products and services, our directors assist you in choosing the perfect combination of products and services that will best celebrate your family members by uniquely telling their life story

We don't just show you caskets, urns, and flowers, we help you find a casket that would best reflect your loved one's style and personality.  If your mom loved pink roses, we will get handle inlays that display pink roses.  If your dad was a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan or University of Michigan fan we can get an OSU or Michigan casket. 

Our support of personalizing your services is something we can do with all of the products we offer.  Here are some examples of how we have successfully guided our families to selecting products that enhanced their celebration by showing their loved one's personal style.



Caskets come in many styles and various  price levels.  Our directors will guide you in choosing one that fits your budget and best tells your loved one's story.  If grandma always kept things simple than we will help you find that simple urn.  If dad loved the Cleveland Indians, we can get a casket with the Indian's MLB logo.  Would you like to look at some casket options?  click here

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Burial Vaults

We offer multiple ways to personalize a burial vault or urn vault with words, symbols, and images that speak of a singular spirit. Your loved one had a unique personality. The selections you make for the visitation and service should communicate that singular spirit. These choices ensure your loved one's memory is remembered for generations.  For information on why a burial vault is an important consideration click here.   To look at burial vault choices click here.

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Cremantion Urns

Urns come in many styles and various  price levels.  Our directors will guide you in choosing one that fits your budget and best tells your loved one's story.

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Web Tributes

Your loved one will have an individual web tribute just for them.  It includes your loved one’s own home page, obituary, visitation & service information, a photo gallery, a memorial video (if one is created), and an opportunity for people to leave and view condolences to the family.  Each web tribute has a background and music that reflects the life of the deceased.




Video Tributes

The most personal addition to any service is to create a tribute video, which truly reflects and celebrates their life.  Show your treasured photographs starting from little girl growing up, her wedding, a new mother and her love of her grandchildren.  Each relationship is highlighted and celebrated.  Backgrounds reflect important parts of their life and the music elevates the entire presentation to a moving and emotional experience. 



Printed Pieces

We utilize the theme or style your choose through out your visitation & service by applying this style to all of the printed items needed for the funeral experience.  If you chose a casket with a fishing theme on the back panel because dad loved to fish, then we will use a fishing theme on the register book, the register display, the service folders and thank you cards, so that your dad's true passions are reflected through out the funeral experience.  We can also keep it simple as well if that best reflects your family member's style.



The lasting tribute to your loved one is the monument you chose.  We don't miss the opportunity to reflect your loved one's personality and story with this most timeless tribute. Our monument specialist will take time to help design a unique and personal monument to truly reflect their life. Read more about our personalization of monuments by clicking here.



Dove or Balloon Release

Add a personalized touch to the final farewell of a loved one’s graveside service with a dove or balloon release.  We have had families that have had a "peace" theme through out the funeral, and a dove release is a great capstone to such a beautiful theme.



Tribute Displays

We encourage families to bring in items such as jewelry, photographs, mementos, anything that can be displayed to reflect the life their loved one lived.  Golf Clubs, fishing rods, work boots, hard hats, needle point, knitting needles and much more have been brought in and carefully displayed by the staff at Eggleston Meinert & Pavley to help tell a life story.







Thumbies® are novel personal keepsakes, meticulously fashioned in precious metals from a fingerprint of your loved-one. The LifeGem® diamond provides a way to embrace your loved one’s memory day by day. LifeGem® is the world’s first certified, high quality colored diamond created from the carbon of a loved one’s lock of hair or cremated remains.


Helpful Links:


LifeGem - Memorial Diamonds created from a lock of hair or cremated remains / ashes / cremation (website)
Meadow Hill Company - Thumbies Fingerprint Keepsakes (website)







Other Creative items as needed

We pride ourselves on not just using the products above, but truly listening to our families and understanding the true nature of the deceased, and then designing products and services to tell their story.


A few examples of things we have done:

Used a motorcycle hearse for a gentlemen who's true joy was when he was riding his motorcycle down the highway on one of his many cross country trips.  This hearse led a motorcycle procession that went on for three miles.  




"The Candy Man" was how one local gentlemen was referred to by neighbors and friends.  This is because he always passed out penny candy from his place of business.  As a final tribute to him, our staff passed out candy as each guest passed by his casket for the final time.  A simple, yet beautiful tribute to such a generous and kind man.



"Butterflies brought me peace" is what one of our family's loved one would always say.  So a butterfly theme was developed.  Butterflies on the casket, butterflies on the printed items,  butterflies in the background of the video, but most importantly our staff was able to order butterflies to be released at the graveside service.  A touching moment that moved all those present as they all knew how much it would have meant to her.

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