Preneed FAQs

Question: How do I Pre-pay a funeral?
There are two methods available to pre-pay for a funeral: a regulated funeral trust or a life insurance policy. Our Director of Family Services is more than happy to explain these to you and set forth a plan of action.


Question: How do I Prearrange a Funeral?
To prearrange a funeral you meet with a Eggleston Meinert & Pavley Funeral Home representative that helps you plan the services down to the smallest detail. When your arrangement is complete, you will have a "Statement of Funeral Goods and Services" worksheet showing you exactly what that service costs today. There is no charge for this and you have not made a commitment to our funeral home at this point. Although you can choose to sign a contract, it is not required and there is not pressure to make a commitment.

Question: Can I transfer my Pre-planning funeral contract to another funeral home if I wish?
Yes. Ohio state law requires that money held in all prearranged funeral contracts be placed in escrow by an organization licensed by the state to do so. In Ohio, state law requires these contracts to be held in an insurance contract or trust fund.

Question: Can I transfer my prearranged funeral contract if we decide to move?
Yes. While Eggleston Meinert & Pavley Funeral Home is listed as the beneficiary of the pre-arranged funeral contract, you remain the owner. As owner, the dollar value of the prearranged funeral contract may be applied towards the cost of a funeral of your choice at any funeral home in the country.

Where does the money go that I prepay into the plan?
We will deposit 100% of the money received toward a funeral plan into a trust where it cannot be released to us until after the funeral you have chosen has been provided for you. ALL of the money you have pre-paid will be used for your funeral.

This is a trust that any amount of money may be deposited into. At anytime you may ask for this money and
the interest it has made. At the end of the year you will receive a 1099 statement on which you must pay
taxes on the interest as it is considered income.

This trust is most commonly purchased by someone who eventually might need care in excess of their
assets. Once purchased, it can be used for burial purposes only. This trust can be started for any amount. It

may be added to at any time. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year showing total interest earned.


Do you still have more questions, or want to consider a preneed plan?  

  Call Joy Gladieux our preneed expert at (419)698-4301


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