At Eggleston Meinert & Pavley the most lasting of all tributes is the momument you choose.  That is why we don't want it to be an afterthought, we help make it a true personal & final tribute to your loved one... a true reflection of their life.

To make sure your monument is unique and personal we offer many colors, sizes and shapes of monuments, and we custom make each one to make sure we best represent your loved one.


Here are a few examples of how our expert designer, Larry has assisted families in making their final tribute to their loved one meaningful.


Joe Christen


"Joe, A classy,  friendly and approachable guy.  He had his PHD in Psychology, and was everyone's confidante when they needed to do we show this in a monument?"


A bench is a peaceful place where people sit together and talk, so a bench was the most obvious choice for a monument to Joe.  In talking with Joe's family they were proud of how everyone came to talk to him about any issue and Joe would always respond the same way.... he would say "you talk, I'll listen."  So it seemed obvious that this quote should be etched on the bench as a reflection of the kind of life Joe lived.




Jennifer Dauer

"We wanted black for the color and everyone we spoke with said black was 'pricey', and we couldn't afford it, until we met with Larry at Eggleston Meinert & Pavley,  he was able to get us everything we wanted for a reasonable price."



The Dauer family tragically lost their daughter at the young age of 19 due to a tragic car accident. Creating a lasting tribute that would reflect how precious she was to her parents and siblings was of the utmost importance to the family, however they were on a limited budget.  After spending time with the family, our designer Larry understood that hearts and butterflies best represented their daughter.  So we were able to create a tribute that showed her innocence, as well as honored the relationships she held most dear, her parents & siblings.  We were able to get all this done while keeping the monument clean and not cluttered for the right price.






Louis Vasko

"It is the one place I visit over and over again, and it has so much meaning"

Coming up with a unique design with a nontraditional shape for a couple yet making each part personalized to represent the couple as individuals in one monument offered some challenges. However, our designer worked with the concept and was able to design a monument which represented Louis's love of Notre Dame University,  while honoring Pat's love of music.  All integrated into one monument that celebrates their union and the lives they lived together.  



Richard Plumb

"We ultimately will be with our son, and we wanted a stone that could be shared....but would highlight him as he was cheated out of a long life..."


A design to emphasize the sorrow felt by Richard's parents and making him the highlight of the monument was important to his parents.  They wanted a bench design, so our designer used a bench with a  tear drop for Richard to express the deepness of their sorrow at the loss of their son at such a young age.  The tear drop is pertruding to help Richard's portion on the monument stand out.   It is simple, elegant, and a beautiful final tribute to their son, and a place that they feel will represent them as well.


We look forward to asisting you with your monument needs.  

Our monument expert is ready to meet your wants and needs

in creating that final tribute to your loved one.

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